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Antonio Mika, Software Developer and Network Administrator
https://antoniomika.me | | (586) 718-2597 | Ann Arbor, Michigan, US
Self-taught programmer with over 8 years of experience in *NIX based systems and various languages. I have worked in many different environments that call for unique solutions for the problems at hand. Examples of some of my work can be found on GitHub or my website. I never stray away from a challenge and write clean and mean code.
American Integrated Staffing Network, Software Developer
  • AISN is a full service staffing agency that specializes in both skilled and unskilled worker placement in a variety of fields.
  • Created the AISN website as well as backend.
  • Setup a system for organizing and parsing user uploaded Resumes in order to aide in search.
  • Fixed in-office devices.
Companion INC., Software Engineer and Network Administrator
  • Companion is a safety application for iOS and Android devices that allows you to virtually walk with a 'Companion' at your back. It has the ability to notify police if you're are in need and provides you with another form of protection.
  • Manage deployment and loadbalancing of API software using Docker and Fleet.
  • Manage deployment and maintenance of database servers across instances.
  • Create and manage a system to control SMS gateways.
  • Develop a system for simple push notifications across devices.
  • Develop a system for generating short codes.
Hydreon Corporation, LifeBoat Survival Network, Software Developer
  • Hydreon develops technologies ranging from integrated devices to full fledged server networks. They run the worlds largest Minecraft Server, with more than 40k users playing together at any time.
  • Worked on documenting an unknown, encrypted, UDP protocol.
  • Developed global system used for intraserver communication.
  • Worked on intraserver player communication and play (transfer + authentication).
  • Working on a proxy based server transfer system for better loadbalancing.
MJ Health Management, System Administrator
  • MJ Health Management specializes in providing contract, temp-to-perm, per diem, and direct hire personnel to every segment of the healthcare market.
  • Manage backend servers and maintenance. Provide hosting and other services.
Trove INC., Backend Software Engineer
  • Trove is the first artificial intelligence layer for your email, highlighting what's important and allowing you to focus on needs to get done.
  • Added a new integration to access the platform via one's voice.
  • Added the ability to test software in a sandboxed area (provided all production services and allowed the export of users from the production environment for specific debugging and testing), all deployed from an internal operations site.
  • Worked on metric and statistic reporting software for the platform.
  • Various other platform and network improvements.
Poblo International, Software Developer and System Administrator
  • Poblo International is a non-profit Christian organization aiming at changing the way missions around the world have an impact on people's lives in changing demographics.
  • Fix intermittent issues with computers within the office.
  • Created an interactive brochure and system for distribution.
  • Created a secure messaging platform for the company's interests.
1st Place Overall - MHacks, MLH (Major League Hackers) 2016-19-02
  • Developed a real time interior localization platform designed to provide high resolution population density maps of large network infrastructures.
Best Use of Cloud Services - MHacks, Linode 2016-19-02
  • Used Linode for running cloud based machine learning algorithms on large datasets.
Detroit Medical Center, Volunteer
  • Providing medical excellence to the Metropolitan Detroit area.
  • Various volunteer services as needed by the hospital
FIRST, Mentor
  • (F)or (I)nspiration and (R)ecognition of (S)cience and (Technology).
  • Help students with both C++ programming and onboard devices
  • Introduced the use of CAD to help design and build robots
Gleaners Food Bank, Volunteer
  • Dedicated to helping those in need.
  • Helped package foods to distribute to families in need
International Academy of Macomb 2011 — 2015
International Baccalaureate - Diploma, GPA: 4.308
University of Michigan 2015 — Present
Bachelor of Science – Pharmaceutical Sciences
Web Development (Master): HTML, CSS, Javascript
Backend Development (Master): PHP, Python, Java, Go, Javascript, C++, Ruby, Rust
Network Administration (Master): Fleet, Docker, Kubernetes, AWS, GCE, Chef, Puppet
English (Native speaker) , Spanish (Speaking, reading and writing) , Arabic (Speaking, some reading, no writing) , Chaldean (Speaking, some reading, no writing)
Mountain Biking [ Fast-paced , Exciting ] , Programming [ Custom Solutions , Backend APIs ] , Teamwork [ Collaboration , Problem Solving ]